Thursday, March 20, 2014

Is Coffee causing your Acne?

Here's something to sip on before you have your next diet coke or cup o' joe: Your caffiene intake could be drying out your skin, increasing acne and deepening wrinkles!

Hydration is the KEY to resiliant, healthy skin. Water is essential to flush toxins and promote cellular regrowth. This means that drinking more water can help clear acne and heal blemishes quickly and naturally from the inside. Too much caffiene can dry out your skin. Although Caffiene is a diuretic, too much coffee can cause your body to hold onto excess water because of dehydration causing inflammation and puffiness.

A little caffiene never hurts, in fact, it can actually promote better circulation and increase your metabolism and energy. If you just can't kick the cup, increase your water intake as much as possible. A small cup of coffee light on cream and sugar or cup of green tea or earl grey is a great option to beat those morning blues... and continue to work toward  a healthy glowing complexion.

mmm... Don't forget to indulge from time to time. Coffee has a lot to offer!