Thursday, March 20, 2014

Does Tanning Cure Acne?

Ever look in the mirror after a day at the beach to find your pimples have vanished and your skin is even and glowy?

 The sun can work wonders for our skin, bodies,even mood! It gives us essential Vitamin D and can also dry up acne and create the illusion of more even toned skin. The sun can heal acne, but not cure it.

The problem with tanning to cure acne is that the results are not long term. Over time, over exposure to sun will damage the skin and cause wrinkles, sunspots, dryness, even cancer.

Slather on some SPF and don't forget to reapply! The sun in moderation is so good for us and may even clear up some pesky zits. Remember to use a suncreen on your face that is oil free or noncomedogenic meaning it will not clog pores. If ingredients in facial Sunblock is still causing breakouts, look for makeup with SPF included. If you are outside all day and plan to be sweating, you are better off without makeup on your skin because it can run and mix with sweat and oil. Most drugstore skincare lines have a sunblock made specially for the face, neck and chest.

Stay away from tanning beds. The rays are more isolated and risk of burning is very high. The sanitation of sunbeds is also cause for concern and I have personally broken out on my back and shoulders from unclean beds. If you are going to lay in a bed, consider cutting down your time or using a bed with less rays. Always use a high quality lotion when indoor tanning and eye protection.

Miranda Kerr wears sunscreen ;)