Monday, February 24, 2014

Products That Really Cure Acne

Products that Cure Acne:

I have had major success with these products and want to share them with anyone struggling with acne or skin irritations!

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser is the first step for many people to clearing acne. The non-foaming version is great for people with dry skin and the face by antibacterial bar soap for face by Cetaphil is ideal for people with oily skin or who do heavy physical activity. The bar soap is great for body acne on everyone. Cetaphil has been recommended by many dermatologists, (including a few of mine.) The cleansers are amazing. Although the idea of a non- foaming face wash may be unsettling, it really does get your face clean without disrupting breakouts and sensitivity.
The elf Zit Zapper is a seriously amazing treatment for spots. It is only $1 and can be found at target or online. The elf Zit Zapper contains natural ingredients that are proven to work like witch hazel and tea tree oil to treat pimples.
 Cera ve non-comedogenic Moisturizing Cream is a miracle for raw, dry skin. If you have tried every possible moisturizer and your skin is flaking off and will not stay hydrated, this cream is one amazing cure. It contains ceramides to restore the skin and is non-comedogenic meaning it wont clog pores. This cream should be used sparingly unless you have very irritated and flaky skin. I have found that it makes a great spot treatment on unhealed scabs and pimples, It heals them in a flash.
St. Ives Collgen- Elastin Moisturizer is great for most skin types and helps to maintain healthy, young resilient skin with ingredients that encourage cell turnover. It doesn't clog pores, has a very light scent and works well under makeup. May not be ideal for someone with very oily skin, but can be watered down. It is very inexpensive and comes in a large tub. Dr. Oz is a big fan of this one.
Neutrogena Active Naturals Spot Treatment is hands down incredible. It just does what it days it does. It heals acne and when used correctly really gets rid of pimples quickly. I dot it on pimples at bedtime to soak in overnight, or during the day before going out to reduce swelling. It smooths out bumps and isn't over drying.