Monday, February 24, 2014

DIY Miracle Coconut Oil Facewash

Coconut Oil is a Miracle for Skin! Working it into your diet provides healthy fats that beautify, and using it on your skin provides moisture, protection and healing!
*Fun fact* Victoria's Secret Angel's use coconut oil in their diets for glowing, healthy skin. Check out a few of the amazing benefits unrefined, pure coconut oil has to offer!

This is a video I made teaching you how to make a DIY Coconut Oil Skin Cleanser at home. Good Luck!

Try coconut oil in hot tea, as a hair mask or even as a treatment for undereye lines. Coconut oil is truely skin-saver and contains essential fats that are crucial to a long, healthy life.

Coconut Oil will give you glowing, soft and youthful skin!