Friday, March 28, 2014

Tarte Maracuja Oil for Acne

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Maracuja Oil Review

Morrocan Argan Oil, evening Primrose Oil, Coconut oil... It seems like oils are the future of skincare! The truth is that these plant oils are some of the most ancient beauty elixirs and have been used for natural healing remedies for centuries and beyond.

When maracuja oil popped up, I knew I had to try it! It doesn't cause breakouts and truely does hydrate the skin and create a gorgeous glow. There is a bit of a greasy residue left over, but I found using it right after I washed my face before bed worked best because it would absorb quickly. I would not reccomend wearing this product under makeup beacsue everything would start slippin and slidin'. This isn't going to cure every imperfection you have, but it will rejuvenate and plump the skin while moisturizing. I would reccomend this product for people with dry or combination skin, who are not extremely prone to break outs. I love how it makes my skin feel after a long day in the sun!

The real magic of this oil is how long it made my eyelashes, I used the wand on my eyelashes more than my face, and holy moly something happened! The product is a little pricey but comes out in sample sizes with value kits.

A big pink thumbs up for Tarte's Maracuja Oil!