Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Skincare Story

hormonal acne

My Acne Story

A little over a year ago I had reached the end of my rope and couldn't hold on much longer. My confidence had dwindled to an all time low and I knew something had to change. I felt as if I couldn't be myself because I didn't feel like people saw the real me, I felt like I was wearing a mask of red bumps. I was contemplating the potentially dangerous prescription, Accutane, and decided to do just a little more research. I quickly discovered websites like my own, with success stories swearing by natural remedies. I discovered what is really  in those expensive cleansers and read about ancient medicinal recipes and modern day oils. Pretty soon I was in my kitchen whipping up DIY cleansers and testing countless all-natural masks. I began to feel connected to the environment and liberated from the firm clutch of the cosmetic industry.

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