Friday, March 28, 2014

Victoria's Secret Angel Makeup- Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream Review

garnier b b cream

Want to get clear, hydrated skin WHILE wearing makeup?

Want makeup that covers almost everything and makes you look like a dewy Victoria's Secret model?

I know a secret...

 The secret is that the BB Cream from Garnier is flipping amazing! it has become my most-loved product and has healed my skin over time. This is the only foundation I have worn for the past two years. Although you may be used to caking on a heavy full-coverage foundation and concealer to cover your acne, with the right tools and technique this Beauty Balm will tranform your skin and actually look natural- that's the best part.
The very best way to apply this product is with a small stippling brush, I prefer the one from realtechniques. It works perfectly because it buffs the product into the skin but the dual fibers can be used to dab on extra over blemishes. It looks so natural and stays pretty well throughout the day on its own. If you use a primer under this BB cream and set with a powder it will last all day.  Go easy with this stuff, a little goes a long way. I usually only use what is left on the cap after shaking the tube a little.  
It gets better...
So this stuff comes in 3 different formulas so it will work for ANYONE. Anti-aging, oil-free and the original skin renew. This product has no scent and has a primer built in! If you have dry skin the original formula is wonderful and the oil-free is pretty universal. I rarely use a powder to set this product because I love the dewy glow it gives. It contains SPF and skin-loving ingredients.
The Downfall;
The "light" shade isn't very light and the "dark" shade isn't very dark. Despite the lacking color range, the product does buff out and blend with most skin tones.. its kind of magical!