Monday, February 24, 2014

Free Dermatologist Approved Skincare Routine

Free Personal Skincare Routine: Dermatologist Reccomended

Step 1. Morning Routine for Acne

Wash face with a gentle cleanser, your skin should be mostly clean from washing before bed, but it is important to wash your face in the morning to clear away dirt and oil that has collected overnight. This is especially important if you plan on wearing makeup, it will create a clean, smooth base and ensure your makeup stays on all day, and Isn't trapping germs in your pores.

Gently Pat dry with a clean towel. Switch your towel out every few days and do not use the same towel that you use to dry your hair or body.

Apply moisturizer to face and neck. It is important to use a moisturizer that says oil-free or non- comedogenic on the label, and the moisturizer must be meant for your face. Moisturizer will help to hydrate the skin and heal acne and scabs from picking. It is easy to think that moisturizer would make skin oilier and cause more acne, but when using the right one your skin will become smooth, hydrated and balanced. If you have severe acne try experimenting with moisturizers that are dual- action, with ingredients like salycilic acid or benzoyl peroxide. You can find great moisturizers for less than $10 at all drugstores.

Step 2. Daytime

Apply oil free or non-comedogenic makeup. Wash makeup brushes using a gentle soap or face cleanser once a week. bacteria can easily build up in makeup brushes and this can be a major cause of acne. refrain from touching your face throughout the day without washing your hands first. Do not reapply makeup over and over throughout the day. This can be hard if you rely on makeup to cover your acne. Letting skin breathe and keeping pores free will help your skin clear faster, so you'll need less makeup in the long run.

Step 3. Bedtime Routine For Acne

Wash face gently, removing all makeup, dirt and oil from the day. if wearing makeup, it is good to wash a second time gently to ensure that all makeup is removed. remember to be gentle and use a cleanser that works with your skin type.

Apply moisturizer. This will keep your face hydrated throughout the night. If you have oily skin it is easy to think that more moisture will cause oilier skin. The trusth is, once your skin adjusts to the moisture, it will produce less oil and become balanced. Use an oil-free moisturizer without fragrance or mineral oil.

Apply topical acne treatment *optional* Acne clearing topical medicines will soak in overnight and clear pimples while you sleep. Try to use as little as possible. Medicines like these can be very drying, but also clear spots like a miracle.